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ProLink SM Fiber System 9/125 12Core Double Armor

ProLink Single Mode Double ARMOR Fiber CABLE 12-CORE 9/125 OD:12.5MM steel wire .

70.00 EGP inc 14% Vat

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Cable Parameter

  • Fiber Count: 12Core
  • Colored Coating Fiber :

Dimension: 250μm±15μm

Color: Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Gray, White, Red, Black, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Aqua blue

  • Loose Tube:

Dimension: 2.8mm±0.1mm

Material: PBT

Tube Color: Blue, orange, green, brown

Loose tube number: 1

Filling rope number: 1

The fiber in loose tube number: 12

  • Material of reinforcement: Phosphating steel wire 1.0mm
  • Outer / Inner Jacket :

Diameter: Inner1.6mm±0.10mm/Outer1.7mm±0.10mm

Material: HDPE

Sheath color: Black

Line color: Yellow

  • Sheath outer diameter: 12.5mm±0.2mm



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