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Yealink UVC40 All-in-One USB Video Bar · BYOD

69,700.40 EGP inc 14% Vat

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For simple and smart video conferencing in small and huddle rooms

eg-tech yealink UVC40

All-in-One, Plug-and-Play

The UVC40 features a high-quality AI-powered camera, microphone arrays and speaker, all of which are integrated into a single device to create an elegantly streamlined audio-video meeting endpoint, combining a highly compact design with rich camera performance.

Thanks to USB plug-and-play capability, built-in Wi-Fi module and broad applicability with mainstream video conference platforms, this elegant device is easy to use and flexible enough for work, home or school.

eg-tech yealink UVC40 .

Get started with the UVC40 – BYOD

Simply mount the device underneath a TV monitor, on a wall or tabletop, and plug it into your PC and get ready for the meeting. The device can be remotely managed by Yealink Device Management Platform by switching on Wi-Fi.

Premium Audio & Video Performance for A Superior Meeting Experience

AI-powered Camera, 8 MEMS Microphone Array, Creative Electrical Lens Cap
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