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TP-Link EAP660 HD Wi-Fi 6 access point

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  • Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi 6 Speeds: Simultaneous 1148 Mbps on 2.4 GHz and 2402 Mbps on 5 GHz totals 3550 Mbps Wi-Fi speeds.
  • High-Density Connectivity: 4 increased capacity to connect more devices simultaneously.
  • Integrated into Omada SDN: Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP), Centralized Cloud Management, and Intelligent Monitoring.
  • Centralized Management: Cloud access and Omada app for ultra convenience and easy management.
  • 2.5G Port:A 2.5 Gbps Ethernet port boosts total internet throughput.
  • Seamless Roaming: Even video streams and voice calls are unaffected as users move between locations.
  • PoE+ Support: Supports Power over Ethernet (802.3at) for convenient deployment and installation.
  • Secure Guest Network: Along with multiple authentication options (SMS/Facebook Wi-Fi/ Voucher, etc.) and abundant wireless security technologies.

The EAP660 HD access point has 8 spatial streams, giving a total speed of about 3.4 Gbit/s. Their configuration is symmetrical: 2.4 GHz (4×4) + 5 GHz (4×4), that is, 4 antennas per reception and transmission in each of the bands. This is very good news for customers located at a considerable distance from the access point: 4 antennas in the 2.4 GHz band will give good coverage, for example, for Autonomous robots or IOT sensors. At the same time, servers, terminals and clients located near the EAP660 HD will receive high bandwidth.

Physically, the antennas are arranged in the form of 8-gon faces, and 2.4-gigahertz ones are almost identical to 5-gigahertz ones. They do not have a pronounced polarity, and each of the antennas radiates forward and out, capturing both the wall on which the access point hangs and the space in front of it. With this antenna configuration, it does not matter where you place the EAP 660 HD: on the wall you can achieve stable communication on neighboring floors through concrete floors, and on the ceiling it will work very well in MESH configurations.

Note that the motherboard has two massive cooling radiators covering it on both sides. As you may remember, TP-Link EAP660 HD has a 2.5-Gigabit copper network interface, in which even the PHY physical access chip is quite heated, and plus you still need to remove heat from the radio modules.

The maximum power consumption of the TP-Link EAP660 HD is 15-17 Wt, so you need an 802.3at (PoE+) switch or injector to connect via PoE. But there are no problems with this now – almost any PoE switch released over the past 3 years has support for” one plus”, that is, PoE+, but for uniformity of management and maintenance, it is better to consider the TP-Link switches of the Omada series. When testing in our case, the usual power consumption was about 8 Watts.

The access point is supplied with a 12 V power supply for those cases when you can not use PoE (for example, the all-POL concept is implemented at the facility, that is, all distribution networks are laid with an optical cable, and terminals and devices for “copper” are connected via media converters). This is common in older large facilities, such as train stations, stadiums, or waiting rooms.

The body of the access point is quite massive, its diameter is as much as 243 mm, and its height is 64 mm. It is entirely made of plastic and does not take part in cooling, except that large ventilation grilles remain open at the back. Mounting-common for internal access points: the plastic mate is mounted on the wall, the access point is installed on it and rotated until the locking click. Installation on a bracket or rod is not provided by the design.

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